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  • Donald Trump and wife Melania could well be the two most miserable people in the world right now, according to an alleged White House insider. (Photo: Getty)

    Donald Trump likes to brag about how smoothly the White House is running, but an alleged staffer has created an anonymous Twitter account detailing what it’s really like working with Kellyanne Conway, Rince Priebus, Vice President Mike Pence and the master of darkness himself… Stephen Bannon.

    It’s not a pretty picture inside the presidential mansion, but often it’s a hilarious one.

    It’s impossible to know if the writer, @AngryWHStaffer, really works at the White House or is just a clever comic. But the information is just too topical and current to be made up.

    Whatever the case, it’s almost impossible to turn away once you start reading the feed. It confirms what has been partially reported in the news media. The Trump White House is in disarray, riven by monumental clashes of ego among the president’s inner circle.

    “You guys ever seen the movie ‘Downfall?’ That’s exactly what it’s been like around here since day one,” the alleged staffer writes.

    It’s clearly a pussy-grabber’s paradise. “Bannon says the word c**t every single day. The other day I heard him use it as a verb. Like how does that even happen?” the staffer wrote on Feb. 19

    “Today I saw Bannon make the jerk-off motion behind Priebus’ back while he was talking. Barely perceptible but no mistaking it. Unbelievable,” according to a Feb. 15 Tweet.

    At the same time, some of the tweets are downright scary… funny, but scary.

    “When we’re at Mar-a-Lago we do all our government business on unsecured wifi networks. It’s ludicrous,” one Tweet says.

    Trump has been accused of casually discussing national security matters in the dining room of his Florida retreat while dozens of guests milled around. He has since heatedly denied the report.

    But that’s not all.

    The insider provides some back-channel info on the rift between White House counselor Kellyanne Conway and White House spokesman Sean Spicer.

    “Kellyanne is not taking the Morning Joe news well. She’s been screaming ‘This is your fault!’ at Spicer for the last hour,” according to a Tweet.

    The reference was to Morning Joe’s decision to stop having Conway on the show because of her incessant lying.

    “If you want to know what working with Kellyanne is like, imagine ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ but meaner and with worse fashion.”

    “It a toss up for who the staff hates most. Bannon will curse you out. Kellyanne has reduced people to tears with really cutting comments,” the staffer says.

    Kellyanne says mean things about the job you did but she doesn’t stop there. She just digs in on people until they’re crying in a bathroom.

    “When the Bowling Green Massacre story was trending you literally could not say ‘Hi’ to Kellyanne without her cutting you to bits.”

    Russia has been all over the news lately especially after revelations in The Washington Post and The New York Times that campaign staffers were in constant touch with Russian officials during the campaign.

    The fallout has been palpable in the White House.

    “Priebus is panicking because NSA candidates won’t even return phone calls. One told him he doesn’t want to ‘work for a Russian plant,’ according to one Tweet.

    “The NSA is right to hide info from the White House. I’m positive someone here is a Russian mole,” the staffer wrote in another Tweet.

    The President’s wife Melania is painted sympathetically in the Twitter feed, although the writer claims her life is miserable.

    “We just had a damage control meeting about Melania. She is considering filing divorce papers. She hates this life,” one Tweet noted.

    “I got to hang out with Melania alone for 10 minutes last night. She is literally the saddest person I’ve ever met,” another Tweet says.

    “Melania said something to me last night that stuck with me. I asked if she was doing all right and she said ‘It doesn’t matter.’ Chilling,” a follow-up Tweet said.

    Trump apparently is just as miserable. His mood ranges from fits of rage to giddy moments of bravado.

    “The President came into the west wing after the #TrumpPressConference and kept saying ‘I showed those morherfuckers!’ I’m dying,” read one Tweet.

    Trump’s press conference was widely panned because of the president’s rambling, disjointed presentation.

    “The President keeps telling everyone he ‘hates this job.’ Says he never should’ve run,” says a Tweet.

    “Everyone here is looking to the President in this time of crisis but all he cares about is when gets to go to fucking Mar-a-lago again… The President is completely out of touch with reality. He doesn’t know how many people on his staff will betray him at the drop of a hat,” says one series of Tweets.

    Ivanka’s involvement in White House affairs is another scary moment that raises continuing national security concerns that haven’t gone unnoticed.

    “A lot of us are mortified by Ivanka’s involvement. Any good White House counsel would say that’s a no no. But…”

    And there was this telling Tweet: “Give what I’m seeing here, I’m left with one option to save this nation. I’m going to start leaking EVERYTHING. Dm me if you’re media.”

    Life in the White House… and to think, the nuclear codes are in his hands.