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  • Enrique Iglesias seduces a slew of women in his new video. Didn’t anyone tell the Latin lover about Tiger Woods?

    In an era of over-hyped, 24/7 tabloid news having multiple lovers can catch up to you quickly, as Woods found out when his secret love life exploded in his face and ruined his family image — as well as cost him his marriage.

    But Inglesias is filmed in various compromising positions with a string of attractive women, apparently suggesting his prowess as a lover.

    As Tiger found out, however, it doesn’t work that way.

    The song, “Tonight (I’m Loving You)” is the fifth track off of Euphoria, his ninth studio album released earlier this year.

    It features DJ Frank E and rapper Ludacris,

    The thrust of the video is about falling in love with a different woman every night.

    But not that kind of love. The Tiger kind.

    The video opens with Iglesias in a strip club oogling the scantily clad strippers.

    The singer spots an attractive brunette and decides to take the relationship to the next level. He corners her in the bathroom.

    What class.

    Then Ludacris shows up pimpin’ in the back of a limousine with a herd of beautiful women.

    Next, Enrique takes on an attractive blonde woman before a group of attractive females wrestles him down on a bed.

    In the end, women are nothing more than ornaments in a flashy lifestyle of sharp suits, private planes and high end casinos.

    Is it any wonder, Tiger went astray.