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  • Jennifer Lopez is drawing mixed reactions for her performance last night on American Idol that featured boyfriend Casper Smart. Did she look too old for the dancer almost half her age.

    It’s rapidly becoming known as the Madonna syndrome, where aging female performers hook up with boyfriends young enough to be children.

    Lopez, who turns 43 in July thrashed it out on stage with her young lover, who is 25.

    During the performance, Casper was part of a troupe of shirtless male dancers. But as the number progressed, he broke off to dance alone with Lopez. He planted his hands firmly on her butt as they danced salaciously.

    In one clear shiver-down-the-back moment, Lopez chirped after the number “He’s so cute,” as if she were talking about a child.

    In candid photos, Lopez, without makeup, really does look like his mother. According to some reports, Smart is only dating Lopez to help launch his own career and knows the relationship cannot withstand their age difference forever.

    She’s obviously getting something out of it, too. Other reports say Smart treats her like a queen, giving her his undivided attention, something she never got from ex-husband Marc Anthony.

    Check out their performance below. Let us know your thoughts. Yeah! Or Yeach!