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  • Lana Del Rey has released a new track, possibly off her upcoming reworked Born to Die album, “The Paradise Edition.” Titled “Paradise,” it’s up-tempo while still adhering to her big band orchestration and mood-instilling echo chamber.

    The 26-year-old singer must have finally gotten the message to try venturing outside her sleepy, seductive, ’50s-girl-group sound.

    She ditches the breathy lyrics and Adagio pacing for something closer to Allegretto, which is a fancy way to say she speeds up the beat. The tune also appears to be dance influenced. Del Rey sing-speaks the lyrics, something less than a rap, and sings the mellifluous choruses.

    Lana Del Rey’s ‘Paradise’

    Oddly, the song may or may not be on the new album. In it’s latest iteration, the set will include “Ride,” written by Del Rey with “Video Games” collaborator Justin Parker and produced by Rick Rubin. Also on the current track list are “American,” “Cola,” “Body Electric,” “Gods and Monsters,” “Yayo” and “Bel Air,” according to MTV.

    She’s reportedly lifting the final track from her new H&M fashion campaign, the ’50s classic “Blue Velvet.” But whether that actually makes the album, or “Paradise” is subbed in remains to be seen. She’s obviously trying to keep the mix up in the air.

    The reworked album will hit stores on Nov. 13. The eight new songs will be available as a stand-alone CD entitled Paradise, or in a double-disc set with Born to Die. A deluxe version will include both albums, an 8-track remix CD with six music videos and a two-track 7″ vinyl version of “Blue Velvet.”

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