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  • Taylor Swift has released the second single “Begin Again,” from her upcoming album. It’s another haunting ballad about love gone bad that has been spawned by one of her soured relationships. The question is, which one?

    Swift, whose music is often inspired by her real-life relationships, is known for her songs that sting her ex-boyfriends for doing her wrong.

    Her first single off the album, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” touched off speculation, once again, over the target of her venomous putdown, with ex-flame Jake Gyllenhaal emerging as the odds on favorite.

    She’s also written put-down songs about ex-boyfriends Joe Jonas and John Mayer.

    The latest song follows a familiar arc. A boyfriend who starts out treating her like an angel eventually turns into a callous heart breaker. The song mainly focuses on differences between the two and misunderstandings that led to the breakup.

    “Take a deep breath in the mirror,
    he didn’t like it when I wore high heels but I do.
    Turn the lock and put my headphones on,
    he always said he didn’t get this song but I do.”

    Her new album, titled Red, will hit the streets Oct. 22. “It kind of signifies the intense, really bold emotions you feel when you’re in kind of mad love,” she told MTV News.

    “There are 16 songs on the album and every single one of them is about some sort of intense emotion that I felt,” she added. Watch out Jake.