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  • MadonnaGuyMadonna apparently is getting over her break up with Jesus Luz the only way she knows how, by pouncing on another hot, young boy toy. Watch out Jon Kortajarena.

    Kortajarena, 24, a model and actor is appearing in a new film, “Single Man,” and Madonna reportedly flashed her cougar claws at him during the movie’s New York premier.

    Madonna was reportedly pouring on the flirt, and they were spotted heading out to dinner later — with friends.

    It’s hard to see how Kortajarena will be able to fend off the 51-year-old’s advances.

    The relatively unknown actor could benefit greatly from the Material Girl’s high profile, connection and ample bank account.

    Jon looked uneasy with the attention but was, nonetheless, flattered,’ a source told the UK’s Daily Mail.

    Already she’s trying to pull strings for him. If she were a man, she be criticized for preying on sweet young things with offers of money and influence.

    ‘She has made some enquiries about him and has found out a bit more about some of his future modeling gigs in a bid to use her influence to his advantage. She is going to invite him to some social events in New York,” the source said.

    Madonna,  picked up Luz, 23, literally,  while on a 2008 shoot for W Magazine in Brazil. It was right after her split from husband, Guy Ritchie, the British film director, so she was clearly on the rebound.

    ‘She’s furious and feels humiliated,” because Luz spread the word so fast the he ended the relationship, according to a friend.

    And, he’s unleashed the Wrath of Madge. She is reportedly already calling “all her designer friends, telling them not to use him.”

    Watch out Jon, you are climbing onto the back of a very powerful cougar.