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  • Willow Smith takes on the world in her new video for song “Do it Like Me (Rockstar)… literally. The 11-year-old globe trots as only the daughter of Hollywood power couple Will and Jada Pickett Smith can for the upbeat tune.

    Willow has been dabbling in music ever since her catchy tune “Whip My Hair” vaulted her into the spotlight. But it may be a little too premature to call the pre-teen a full-fledged pop star.

    Even so, she must have a million dollar budget for her new video. She drops in on Paris, New York and London to grab some footage for the production. Check out her Beatles Abbey Road crosswalk stroll.

    She’s also featured dancing with brother Jaden Smith.

    With all of the gyrating dance moves and rock star posing, she pushes her pre-teen sexuality to the limit. She looks like more than a kid just having fun, and the lyrics are somewhat unnerving.

    “When I take off my shades,
    please don’t be shocked by my age.
    I’m taking over the game,
    Now, will I scare you?
    Will I scare you?”

    The short answer is yes, we are shocked. And yes, she does scare us. She’s way over the heads of most sixth graders, yet anyone older is risking 20 years to life for even looking at her shake her booty and thrust her hips.

    It’s not too surprising she’s having trouble finding an audience. Her label put an indefinite hold on her new album Knees & Elbows after her second single, “21st Century Girl” flopped.

    So she’s basically just daddy’s girl having fun. Although she’s definitely talented, she should wait until she’s at least, say, 16 before cranking up the heat the way she does. Check out her video below.