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  • ashleesimpson-bat-frontAshlee Simpson, sister of pregnant Jessica Simpson, is trying to make another run at a music career with the release of a video for her song “Bat For a Heart.” It’s a risque tune, but she’s no Ke$ha.

    Artists never like to be compared with other artists, but it’s hard to peg Simpson, who has meandered back and forth between pop and rock.

    Her singing career tanked after her disastrous “Saturday Night Live” performance in 2004. It was supposed to be her coming out party as an edgier version of sister Jessica.

    Simpson was supposed to sing her hit song “Autobiography,” but studio engineers flipped the switch on her first song of the night “Pieces of Me,” including the lead vocals. She ended up walking off.

    She was hooted and booed a year later during a performance at the Orange Bowl in Miami and widely criticized for singing off-key. Nonetheless, her second album I Am Me, nearly went platinum after it was released in 2005.

    But her third album, Bittersweet World, flopped, selling only 126,000 copies. Since then, she she’s gotten a nose job, lost a lot of weight, married, had a kid and divorced husband Pete Wentz.

    “Bat for a Heart” was released last October with a video tease. It’s the lead single off her planned fourth studio album, which she said would be a little “soulful, a little electronic.” But it’s unclear if she has a record label.

    The new video is the full version It’s shot in black and white, and for much of it, Ashlee looks like she’s in a padded cell.

    The lyrics are coarse; Ashlee swears like a sailor. Maybe she’s finally getting back to edgy. Check it out below and be sure to follow TheImproper on Twitter for all the latest music updates.