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  • leannrimes-kimmelLeAnn Rimes went sheer on Jimmy Kimmel last night, wearing a see-through black blouse to talk about her new album “Spitfire.” But the conversation invariably shifted to Brandi Glanville. Rimes had two words “Screw you!”

    The two have been at each other ever since Glanville’s ex Eddie Cibrian walked out on the 13-year marriage in 2009 after having an affair with Rimes while filming Lifetime movie “Northern Lights.”

    Rimes, 30, and and Cibrian married in 2011, and the feud has been a staple of tabloids ever since. The two bicker of slights, snide comments and Glanville’s two kids with Cibrian.

    “There comes a time when you’re just like, “Screw you!” Rimes told Kimmel. “I think it’s kind of interesting how it seems one-sided most of the time — but then, you know, you just kinda get fed up with people lying about you.”

    Glanville, who now appears on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” has used the show to needle Rimes and her ex-husband. She most recently called Rimes a “sugar mama” and implied Cibrian married her for her money.

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