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  • Justin_Bieber1Justin Bieber arrived in Sydney Australia today to promote his new album and is well on his way to becoming an international pop star, judging by his reception.

    He landed at Sydney airport Saturday (Apr. 24) and was greeted by a throng of fans singing songs from his hit album My World 2.0.

    Justin, wearing a gray knit cap and a light blue hoodie jacket, made his way through the airport surrounded by security to ward off his screaming fans.

    Justin seemed to enjoy it all, although he definitely looked tired from the jet lag.

    Former Guns ‘N Roses lead guitarist Slash also landed in Australia today for a promotional visit.

    Slash and Bieber traveled on the same flight from Tokyo, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

    The 16-year-old has already made plans to have dinner with the former Guns ‘N Roses superstar.

    “Want to have dinner with Slash tonight in Sydney, Australia,” Bieber said on Twitter.

    The teen idol also spoke favorably about his arrival.

    Update: Justin Bieber Fever Sweeps New Zealand (video)

    “Just arrived and I like Australia,” he tweeted. “I like the weather, the accents, the girls, the water, the excitement, the girls and – the girls.”

    Bieber was in Japan promoting his new album and was interviewed by a Japanese television.

    He was invariably asked about his relationships and replied that he “is single right now.”

    While he’s on the road, he’s playing down romance but says “maybe in the future. Whatever happens, happens.”

    Judging from the reaction he received in Sydney, he’ll have no problem finding a girlfriend, when he’s ready, that is.

    Justin will be heading to London in June to play 95.8 Capital FM’s Summertime Ball along with Rihanna, his mentor Usher, JLS and many more.

    Bieber built his own fanbase by posting videos of himself on YouTube playing his guitar and singing.

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