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  • Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin in Laguna Beach)

    Justin and Hailey Bieber enjoy a family day at the beach, with their pooch. (Photo: ScreenCap/YouTube)

    Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have become one of the most watched celebrity couples ever since they got married privately last summer. They’ve been spotted out and about in Los Angeles and still appear to be lovebirds.

    After a brief reunion with ex Selena Gomez, the Biebs bounced back with Hailey.

    Hailey had been one of Justin’s “in-between” girls, among several others, during his breakups with Selena. But this time around, they became serious quickly and announced their engagement last July.

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    Last November, Justin revealed they had wed in a private ceremony.

    Since then, Justin has admitted in interviews, he’s been struggling a bit lately. He says he’s trying to figure out the next steps in his life.

    Meanwhile, Hailey has become a hot “go-to” model since her marriage and shows no signs of slowing down her career.

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    They seem to spend a lot of time apart. But when they are together, there’s definitely sexual attraction.

    Hailey, 22, was spotted out and about on Saturday (Mar. 30) with her parents Stephen Baldwin and Kennya Baldwin.

    They were hitting one of Hailey’s fav restaurants, Active Culture on Coast Highway in Laguna Beach. So, she must be watching her figure

    It’s a natural foods café and yogurt bar, locally owned and operated. The restaurant says it prepares its dishes in the “most eco-friendly way possible.”

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    Hailey appeared in her first cover shoot for Pop magazine, since tying the knot. It plays off her new name. That would be Mrs. Justin Bieber.

    She’s also part of the Hollywood brat pack, which has taken fashion by storm.

    The celebrity spawn includes Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and sister Bella Hadid, Lilly Depp, daughter of actor Johnny Depp and Mason Grammer, daughter of actor Kelsey Grammer.

    Just a few days before that last Thursday (Mar. 28) Justin was spotted outside the Waldorf-Astoria Beverly Hills in his new ride.

    It’s a the Lamborghini Urus SUV in black, of course, with fancy yellow brake calipers like high-end Porsches. The car has a half-million dollar sticker price.

    More than likely, Justin is leasing it. Or, a friendly Lamborghini dealer may have loaned him the car. If so, the dealer is getting his money’s worth in tons of publicity.

    Bieber is known to like flashing bling, even when it isn’t his. Five years ago, he caused an uproar when he posted photos with a multi-million dollar G-650 Gulfstream private jet.

    He implied that the jet was his personal airplane. Scores of low-flying tabloids like TMZ and even GossipCop reported that he’d bought it.

    But an examination of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) records by IM proved otherwise. Justin was just posing.

    Otherwise it looks like the Biebers are trying to keep it real.

    They were spotted again a week ago on a family outing!

    Justin, Hailey and mom Pattie Mallette were spotted on Sunday (Mar. 17) frolicking at the ocean in Laguna Beach. The also took their new puppy along.

    Hailey looked superfit in a tiny pink bikini. Justin looked a little thick around the middle, but he’s obviously spent a lot of time in the gym bulking up.

    The happy couple walked hand-in-hand with the young daughter of a friend, and they looked “totally ready to start a family of their own!” according to the roving paparazzi who videoed them.

    Miraculously, they looked like just any another couple. People around them were oblivious to their presence. No fans mobbed them.

    People in Laguna Beach must be pretty laid back about celebrities.

    Celebrity marriages are known to be short lived. But so far, it looks good for the Biebers.

    Check out the videos from gossip gawker X-17 online.