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  • Selena Gomez draws on her relationships for new track 'Sad Serenade.'

    Selena Gomez draws on her relationships for new track ‘Sad Serenade.’

    Selena Gomez moves firmly into Taylor Swift territory with the latest track, “Sad Serenade.” It’s an uptempo lament about love lost in a relationship gone bad, sort of like her experience with Justin Bieber. On second thought, just like it.

    There is some question whether this song will make her latest album “Stars Dance.” It wasn’t included on her track list released in June, although things could change.

    Gomez, 20, has drawn from her personal relationship experiences for much of the material for the album. Since she’s really only had one substantive boyfriend it’s safe to say Justin played a role in shaping the music. But Selena doesn’t get too personal.

    The lyrics are generic enough that they could apply to any relationship, and that’s probably what she wanted. No need to get too personal.

    Nonetheless, she’s clearly taking a page from Swift, who pioneered writing catchy tunes based directly on her personal relationships, with great success. Of course, she’s had a few more relationships to draw on. Here’s the opening verse and bridge.

    Happier times,
    Flash through my mind.
    We both say it’s over and
    I believe it this time.
    All the pain that I hide,
    Let it play through the night.

    A sad, sad serenade.
    Sad serenade, we almost got it right.
    A sad, sad serenade.
    Sad serenade, for every broken heart tonight

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