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  • Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie, in the alluring and sexually provoking new video “Beautiful Dangerous,” plays an obsessive fan of Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash, who lures the axman to her seedy apartment for some pantsless sex play.

    Fergie, 35, is hell-bent in leather in the dank dwelling where she’s working on one of those collages that so often turn up in movies about serial killers.

    She puts the final touches on her masterpiece and heads out to catch Slash’s show at a seamy club.

    Slash is cornered by the crazed barely-there singer after she drugs his drink.

    He ends up tied up, playing a sexually charged game of knifey/spoony.

    Semi-naked Fergie, straddling him in a leather thong and undies, licks his chest before running a knife across his skin.

    Fergie is supposed to have come up with the dark concept for the video herself, and Slash said loved the idea.

    “She went to a dark place,” Slash, 45, said of her performance. “She nailed it.”

    The song “Beautiful Dangerous” is from Slash’s new self-titled album which is available now. The album retails for $17.98 but you can buy it from amazon.com through an Improper special offer for $11.97, a 33 percent savings. Click the link at left.

    “I wanted to stalk him, just a normal day at the office,” Fergie said of the video.