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  • Taylor Momsen has been rocking Germany in a series of concerts that recall the heady dedadence of the Weimar Republic. She’s been near topless in most of her shows, and scolding critics to listen to her music.

    The former “Gossip Girl” star, who quit the show to pursue her music, has been wearing mostly black leather, garters, thigh-high stocking, lingerie, black boots, see through pull-overs and barely there, sleeveless tee-shirts.

    Most of the time she is braless, but has been covering up her modesty with black electrical tape in big “x’s” over her nipples.

    Momsen has drawn fire for her dress and attitude, given the fact that she is only 17 and legally still a minor.

    Check out Taylor’s photos; click to enlarge.

    Her on-stage garb would make Miley Cyrus blush, although she has also modeled for Madonna’s clothing line.

    But in a recent interview with music critic Jon Chattman she said critics should shut-up and listen to her music.

    “It’s definitely something to overcome, but every musician has his or her own challenges,” she said of her bad-girl image.

    “The reception to the record has been amazing. I just want them to give it a chance, and ignore the rest. Come to the show…”

    She also noted that her band The Pretty Reckless is filling a niche in rock music.

    “I think there’s been a drought in rock music in general. I tend to not think of it as all female. Most of my influences are males, she said.

    “I think definitely there’s been a lull in rock music. It’s just time to come back to it with us and a lot of other bands on the rise.”

    Europe is awash with music festivals. Beside Momsen, Pulp, Nicole Scherzinger, J-Lo and Lady Gaga are making the rounds.

    Festivals are being held or on tap from the Isle of Wight and the Download festival, to the Capital FM Summertime Ball and Get Loaded in the Park festival.

    Momsen performed at the Download festival with The Darkness, Korn and Alice Cooper.