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  • Adam Levine is bucking for his own action-adventure movie. He makes a damn fine anti-hero in the new video for Maroon 5’s song “Payphone.” Rapper Wiz Khalifa also kicks in some spit.

    The video opens with one badly beaten band frontman under a desolate big-city underpass where there just happens to be an old-style telephone booth.

    He picks up the phone and makes it call, kicking off the song. The video cuts to the inside of the bank where Levine is a straight-laced bank employee. It seems like his beat up self is singing to his clean cut self, which seems weird.

    Turns out, he’s just singing. A brazen daylight robbery goes down by a heavily armed gang of masked men. Everyone heads for the floor and Levine crouches behind his desk. A foxy bank teller does the same across the aisle.

    Levine sees his chance, grabs a gun from one of the robbers, scoops up the girl, somehow dodges dozens of bullets and makes for the door. Hey what about everyone else inside?

    Forget them. He gets away from the robbers only to become target practice for trigger happy cops outside. Must have been filmed in LA.

    In any event, he splits from the girl and ends up at a swank hotel after a cop chase. He passes up a sweet triple-black Porsche GT3 and steals a custom, Ford-powered Cobra instead. Still, it’s a nice ride.

    After an all out freeway chase by a dozen police cars (yep, definitely LAPD), he escapes under the highway, blows up his car and strolls over to the phone booth.

    Not a bad 4:39-second ride, but someone should tell him a real action hero would have blown away the bad guys and still got the girl. Calling Bruce Willis.

    Check out the video below.