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  • Rob Thomas, Paul Doucette, Brian Yale, Kyle Cook and Ryan MacMillan, better known as Matchbox Twenty, have released the first video for single “She’s So Mean.,” It’s off their all-new album North. What a bitch!

    The song, that is, but the girl, too. The upbeat tune is an ode to those self-absorbed goddesses who have knock-out looks, but a daddy’s rich girl attitudes.

    The official lyric video opens with a guitar riff and a solid back beat. “I know a girl who gets what she wants, all the time. Cause she’s fine,” sings Thomas.

    The tune has a real radio-friendly sound. “‘She’s So Mean’ is really a tongue-in-cheek song about a girl who keeps doing you wrong. But you can’t stay away,” Thomas tells AOL Music. “Like a drug, every guy and girl have had someone like that in their life at some time or another.”

    The album has been a couple of years in the making. Thomas first said that Matchbox Twenty would be recording their fourth studio album in 2010

    “It’s a real important record for us. We haven’t done anything in a long time,” Doucette, who plays rhythm guitar and sings, told a San Diego web site about the album.

    “The older we get, the more we realize and appreciate the good fortune we have to do what we do at this level. Realistically, how many more times do we get? So we’re going to really make this record the one we want it to be,” he added.

    North is slated for release on Sept. 4, in time for the Christmas rush. Check out the tune below.