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  • Marilyn Manson collapsed on staged during a Canadian concert last night.

    Marilyn Manson collapsed on staged during a Canadian concert last night.

    Goul rocker Marilyn Manson is known for sick antics on stage, but his sudden collapse during a Canada show was the real thing. Even so, it took everyone, including his own band a minute or so to figure out he was in real distress.

    Most news outlets are still unsure whether it was part of the show or a real emergency. But concert-goers reported seeing an ambulance outside the venue in in Saskatoon.

    Manson, 44, was in the middle of his 1996 hit “The Beautiful People.” Strobe lights were flashing and he was singing against a backdrop of militaristic Nazi looking symbols.

    He had been singing for about an hour, before launching into his signature tune. About a minute or so into the song he stopped singing, turned and collapsed on stage.

    The band kept playing and the crowd kept rocking while Manson reportedly vomited. Finally, several stagehands came out and helped him off the stage.

    The concert ended abruptly. “Still confused… MM collapsed after an hour onstage… looked like EMT’s were there after…” a fan Tweeted.

    “Wow good way for a concert to end. Manson falls down, pukes, then gets dragged off stage. #SayNoToDrugsPeople” wrote another fan.

    There has been no further word as yet on the singer’s condition or whether he required hospitalization.

    Check out a video of the incident below. Manson can be seen wearing a military-style hat. Be sure to follow TheImproper on Twitter for further updates.

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