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  • Johnny Depp on stage with Marilyn Manson

    Taylor Momsen battled Marilyn Manson for the heaviest eye shadow on stage at the Club Nokia in Los Angeles yesterday (Apr. 11). They performed together for the 2012 Revolver Golden Gods Awards show.

    Momsen, 18, who fronts for her band The Pretty Reckless sang a duet with Manson, 43, as he closed the show.

    Johnny Depp also jumped up on stage and performed the Eurythmic’s tune “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” and “The Beautiful People.”

    The actor, 48, kept his head down and his identity mostly concealed while on stage, but was finally recognized by the crowd, after Manson gave him a big shout out.

    “If you don’t recognize my personal friend … my personal savior, my personal guitar hero … Johnny Depp!” he shouted.

    Depp also stayed on the down low for his jam with Manson on “The Beautiful People.”

    Check out Momsen’s and Depp’s performance below: