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Lea Michele New ‘On My Way’ Video Lacks Her Own Music Style (watch!)

Lea Michele’s new video for her song “On My Way” features her signature look, but doesn’t really establish a musical style she can call her own. It’s pretty much homogenized pop in look and feel. Michele is sexy enough. She’s honed her moves for the camera during five seasons on the hit Fox television show “Glee.” She’s drawn comparisons to Cher Lloyd and even to Lana Del Rey, although we don’t see it. Other artists drawing mentions are Iggy Azalea and Christina Aguilera....
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Steven Tyler Beats Jennifer Lopez to Punch; Quits American Idol

Steven Tyler is done as an American Idol judge after two seasons, just when his squawking, screams, yelps and effusive love for contestants were finding a groove on the show. Wait, is this about money? Because if money is the issue, they should pay Tyler, 64, what he wants. He started off a little slowly, but provided much needed color, personality and humor to a show that's showing its age....
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Chris Colfer Goes Back to School in Struck by Lightning (watch!)

“Glee’s” Chris Colfer heads to the big screen in “Struck by Lightning,” but judging from a newly released trailer he doesn’t stray too far from his Gleek roots. He plays a high school student, a subject he obviously knows well. Colfer’s character, Carson Phillips, gets killed by lightning and spends the film looking back on his life and some of the things he did in high school to get into a journalism school....