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  • Lea Michele of Glee  sizzles in a new video for her song 'On My Way.'

    Lea Michele of Glee sizzles in a new video for her song ‘On My Way.’

    Lea Michele’s new video for her song “On My Way” features her signature look, but doesn’t really establish a musical style she can call her own. It’s pretty much homogenized pop from start to finish.

    Michele is sexy enough. She’s honed her moves for the camera during five seasons on the hit Fox television show “Glee.”

    The show is starting to look a little long in the tooth, and Michele knows its days are numbered. So she’s been working on her own solo career.

    The 27-year-old singer and actress released her debut solo album Louder through Columbia Records at the end of February.

    The album has sold modestly well, but Michele has been unable to escape criticism. The biggest beef is that her songs sound too much like Katy Perry and other popsters.

    The album’s themes are pretty much the same, about relationships that have gone bad or good.

    The video is also a bucket of pop cliches from sexy baths, rolling around on a bed and sexy embraces from a hunky guy to some “Splash Dance” style soaking and hair flipping.

    She’s drawn comparisons to Cher Lloyd and even to Lana Del Rey, although we don’t see it. Other artists drawing mentions are Iggy Azalea and Christina Aguilera.

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