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    Katy Perry D-Cups Not Real But Still Spectacular… in Wax (photos!)

    Katy Perry is forever locked in a beaming grin wearing a cotton-candy skirt and a revealing red sequined body suit at Madame Tussauds in London. Her wax was officially unveiled today (Apr. 2) and attention appears to have been paid to details. Katy’s figure pays homage to her candy-colored Teenage Dream years, although she’s moved away from that image recently. She's now enshrined in six cities. ... Read More...
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    Katy Perry Reveals ‘Prism’ Secrets at iHeart Album Party (video!)

    Katy Perry unveiled Prism, her first studio album in three years, last night (Oct. 22) at an album listening party that doubled as the inaugural event for the new iHeartRadio Theater in Los Angeles. The album, she said, helped her find her own voice. Perry, 28, kicked off the evening in front of about 400 close friends and fans, known as “Katycats,” with an electrified performance of her hit song “Roar.”... Read More...
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    Katy Perry Finds Fame Disgusting; She Should Know

    Katy Perry’s career was all whipped cream a cherries until her marriage to Russell Brand went sour and ended in divorced. It left her with a sour taste for fame, which she considers “disgusting.” Katy sounded off about her music her upcoming 3D film and her desire to pursue a film career in a new interview with Teen Vogue magazine.... Read More...