Keith Girard

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Paul McCartney Ever Young at 71 With New Single ‘New’ (listen!)

As soon as the new Paul McCartney single, “New,” broke, I listened to it straight away. At 71, McCartney is pushing it more than ever: world tours, videos, re-mastered early works; rather amazing I’d say. As big as The Beatles became, they are just a chapter in his long storied career. The new song is miraculously more ’70s and ’80s than anything else–think “Penny Lane” or “My Brave Face.” “We can do as we want; we can live as we choose” is the one lyric that will jump out at you, and rather charming at that. ...
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John Fogarty Hints at CCR Reunion With New Album Release

John Fogarty‘s distinctive voice powered Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) to an amazing, uninterrupted string of top ten singles during the ’70s, before he fell out with the band and brought it all to a crashing halt. When CCR made The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993, he refused to even appear with the band....