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  • Paul McCartney releases a new single from his upcoming album, due in October.

    Paul McCartney releases a new single from his upcoming album, due in October.

    As soon as the new Paul McCartney single, “New,” broke, I listened to it straight away. At 71, McCartney is pushing it more than ever: world tours, videos, re-mastered early works; rather amazing I’d say. As big as The Beatles became, they are just a chapter in his long storied career.

    The new song is miraculously more ’70s and ’80s than anything else–think “Penny Lane” or “My Brave Face.”

    “We can do as we want; we can live as we choose” is the one lyric that will jump out at you, and rather charming at that. As an anthem, it’s right up there with Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop.” That’s Paul, forever young.

    The song was co-produced by wunderkind Mark Ronson, who made his reputation producing Amy Winehouse’s towering album Back To Black. Yet once a Beatle always a Beatle.

    Three-quarters of the way through the song, an extended instrumental break reeks of Beatles producer George Martin.

    To be honest, I really enjoyed Macca’s last album, Memory Almost Full, (his 15th solo work) some six years ago. His creative energy and somewhat newer direction were evidenced by such songs as “Ever Present Past” and “Dance Tonight.”

    The one track on that album that really grabbed me was “Vintage Clothes,” because it was done in somewhat of a Beatles style. Clearly, Paul liked that, too.

    Listen, “New” is good, no question. His new album by the same name, due on Oct. 15, has four different producers, so we should get a nice taste of what he’s been up to latelly. They don’t make ‘em like McCartney anymore, so go enjoy! Pre-order the album now from Amazon below!

    Radio: Jim & Ken on the Q

    I’ve been listening to Q104.3 in New York City for the last few weeks and am loving it like crazy. Jim Kerr with with Shelli Sonstein in the AM is deliciously terrific. Ken Dashow in the afternoon is like an encyclopedia of rock. Also, Carol Miller is awesome–Led Zeppelin and all.

    Jim’s anecdotes are hilarious, and I never knew he was from Detroit! Great stuff!

    Television: Flash Forward

    After the success of the CW’s “Arrow” (Green Arrow to you non-believers), the station is set to bow another DC-themed series, “Flash.” The pilot is written and they’re casting. With “Arrow,” “Flash” and Joss Whedon’s “Agents of Shields,” this season TV is shaping up most provocatively.

    Names in the News

    James J. Kaufman, Dave Novik, Jacqueline Boyd, Victor Kastel, David Salidor, Keith Girard, Angelo Babarro, Brett Winterble, Steve Walter, Mark Bego, Deb Caponetta, David Steel, Tony King, Tom & Lisa Cuddy, Ron Rogers, August Darnell, Lon Van Eaton, John Robie, Arthur Baker, DJ Glenn Friscia, cfs