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Madonna’s Rebel Heart Proves She’s Still a Relevant Pop Queen, at 56

Madonna, who has set music trends for the past 30 years, is back with a new album Rebel Heart, a mix of what she calls “rebellious, provocative” songs and sweeter ballads. But most of all it’s a statement, at 56, that she’s still relevant. Her 13 studio album follows 2012’s release MDNA, which proved she’s still a chart topper, hitting No. 1 on the pop charts. Her latest effort is also climbing the charts and is expected to hit No. 1 by the weekend....
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Madonna Drops Tour Dates, Album Art on Heels of Super Bowl

Madonna got a huge boost for her upcoming tour with her Super Bowl performance. In fact, some critics say the Material Girl turned it into one huge promotion for her upcoming tour and new album MDNA. True to form, while the Super Bowl performance is still fresh in viewers' minds, Madonna announced her tour dates and released the cover art for the album today (Feb. 6) Talk about marketing prowess....