National Anthem

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Fergie Off-The-Rails NBA National Anthem Draws Apology From Star (video)

Fergie, the Fergalicious Black Eyed Peas singer, has learned the hard way that different isn’t always better, especially when it involves a traditional song like the National Anthem. She issued a formal apology today after drawing heat for her rendition of the song at the NBA All-Star Game. Fergie, real name Stacy Ann Ferguson, said she “tried her best” to do something different, but drew derision from fans on social media....
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Is Lana Del Rey Recycling the Same Lyrics Over and Over Again? (video!)

Lana Del Rey released a new audio video for her song “Lust for Life,” and it’s already racked up nearly 7 million views on YouTube–and some pretty heated criticism. It seems the singer is recycling the same, or nearly the same lyrics over and over again. The song features the Weeknd for the title track off her upcoming album by the same name....
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Country's Luke Bryan Sorry About National Anthem (watch)

Country singer Luke Bryan didn’t flub the National Anthem last night (July 10) at the All-Star Baseball Game, but he’s apologizing nonetheless for repeatedly referring to crib notes during the song. That’s far better than Christina Aguilera, Scotty McCreery and Steven Tyler, who all sang the challenging song at major sports events and flubbed the lyrics....