Project Grand Slam

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Project Gram Slam’s Robert Miller Details Passion for Jazz, Rock Fusion

Project Grand Slam founder and leader Robert Miller says the group’s fifth recording, The PGS Experience, will mesh “a heavier sound of rock ‘n’ roll and jazz to drive things right down the line.” “It’s all part of his desire to follow his “passion,” he says in a new interview. The way the electric bassist looks at it, jazz harking back to the ‘50s is stuck in a time capsule as far as the melodic compositional references being relevant to that time....
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Robert Miller Swings for the Fences With Project Grand Slam (video)

Robert Miller is living a dream he’s had since he joined his first band. The Manhattan native played piano and trumpet, but his first love was bass. He studied under Jimmy Garrison, who played for John Coltrane. In 2007, he created Project Grand Slam, and his dream was realized. The nine-member band combines rock, jazz and fusion in a unique sound that has won praise from music critics....