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Lorde Sends Fans Present; Debuts New Song ‘No Better’ (listen!)

Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor, better known as New Zealand teen singing sensation Lorde released a new single today, her third since her groundbreaking hit “Royals.” Titled “No Better,” it’s a sing-speaky, almost rap style peon to the long, hot days of summer. Apparently down New Zealand way the summers can be brutally hot....
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Lorde Finds Teen Spirit Slumming in New ‘Team’ Video (watch!)

Lorde, the latest teen pop sensation from New Zealand, continues to fashion herself as a working class hero in her latest video for her song “Team,” about a close-knit group of kids living on the decaying fringes of a major industrial city. The video is equal parts post-apocalyptic vision and modern-day teen alienation....