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  • Lorde was in a giving mood today. She released a new song that didn't make the cut on her album 'Pure Heroine.'

    Lorde was in a giving mood today. She released a new song that didn’t make the cut on her album ‘Pure Heroine.’

    Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor, better known as New Zealand teen singing sensation Lorde released a new single today, her third since her groundbreaking hit “Royals.”

    Titled “No Better,” it’s a sing-speaky, almost rap style peon to the long, hot days of summer.

    Apparently down New Zealand way the summers can be brutally hot and, thus, find their way into the songs of local denizens.

    Lorde reportedly recorded the song during sessions for her debut album Pure Heroine. But it ultimately didn’t make the cut. So Lorde released the song today without notice or fanfare.

    Sort of like Beyonce’s music extravaganza, also released today without advance notice.

    It’s pretty obvious why the track didn’t make the album. It falls short of the other songs and pales in comparison to her breakout hit Royals. Still it’s a pleasant surprise and is being billed as a gift to her fans.

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