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Taylor Momsen Takes It All Off in 'The Words' Video (watch!)

Taylor Momsen routinely flashes her breasts during music performances so it should come as no surprise that she finally takes it all off for her new “Under the Water” video. But is it art, or artifice? Shock and decadence have always been a big part of her act, and Momsen, who played Jenny Humphrey on TV’s “Gossip Girl,” tries hard to be the bad girl of rock. That’s no simple task with rivals like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and even 53-year-old Madonna, all working nudity, or near nudity, into their stage shows for sometime now....
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Taylor Momsen Depraved, Over-Medicated in New Video (watch!)

Taylor Momsen redraws the line again on sexual depravity–lower, of course–in a new video for her song “My Medicine.” Only thing is she’s so far out in front she’s basically left competing with herself. The video features topless waitresses, a woman prancing around with her backside hanging out, lots of drug references and paraphernalia, cigarette smoking, under-age drinking, gratuitous sex and everyone looking generally wasted. Did she miss anything?...
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Taylor Momsen Softens Edges for New You Video (watch!)

aylor Momsen never gets out of her tank top and panties in the new video for her moody ballad “You.” It’s a departure from her usual hard-edged rock, where she’s banging out tunes on stage and variously taking off her clothes. Momsen and her band, The Pretty Reckless, will open for the North America leg of Marilyn Manson’s tour, and the singer says she’s been hold up rehearsing....