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  • Taylor Momsen redraws the line again on sexual depravity–lower, of course–in a new video for her song “My Medicine.” Only thing is she’s so far out in front she’s competing with herself.

    The video features topless waitresses, a woman prancing around with her backside hanging out, lots of drug references and paraphernalia, cigarette smoking, under-age drinking, gratuitous sex and everyone looking generally wasted. Did she miss anything?

    Momsen is 18 now and no longer a teen terror, strutting in knee-high boots and short-shorts on New York City streets, chain-smoking Marlboros. She leaves the toplessness to someone else in this video, but not much else gets by her.

    The video is essentially about a girl’s night out. Momsen swings by a friend’s apartment and a topless girl opens the door. The chorus for the tune is “Someone mixed my medicine” just to give some insight into the party.

    People are heavily tatted, a dude sprawled on a couch smokes a bong, the camera intrudes on two women having sex in the bathroom, a woman is having her head shaved and someone is getting a tattoo. In other words, just another night in the ‘hood.

    Her last release was a moody ballad called “You” about foresaken love. “My Medicine” is a return to harder-edged rock, although her wardrobe is basically unchanged.

    Check out the video below.