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Macklemore Shows Support for Kesha on New Tune ‘Good Old Days’ (listen!)

Macklemore’s new single, “Good Old Days,” featuring Kesha, is more than an opportunity for Kesha to show off her singing chops. It’s a strong statement of support for her in her ongoing legal battle with her former manager. Kesha split the music industry when she became embroiled in a nasty legal fight with her record label boss Dr. Luke three years ago. ...
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Selena Gomez Dances Like She’s on Ecstasy Bender in Zedd’s New Video

Selena Gomez puts collaborator and rumored boyfriend, Zedd, on the map with a sexy performance in his new “I Want You to Know” video. Zedd takes a cameo role while Selena turns club girl. The 22-year-old singer and actress dances like there’s no tomorrow, sashays through various club scenes and engages in a little self love. She also sings. Zedd, real name Anton Zaslavski is a classically trained Russian musician, music producer and rumored boyfriend....