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  • MacLemore and Kesha team up on Good Old Days from his new album. (Photo:ScreenCap)

    Macklemore’s new single, “Good Old Days,” featuring Kesha, is more than an opportunity for Kesha to show off her singing chops. It’s a strong statement of support in her legal battle with her former manager.

    Kesha split the music industry when she became embroiled in a nasty legal fight with her record label boss Dr. Luke three years ago.

    The pressure led to a voluntarily stint in rehab for an eating disorder and other problems, a source told IM at the time. She’s been in open rebellion against him for a year over the direction of her music.

    She broke out singing about raucous club life and wild sex.

    Kesha said the battle started over her desire for Warrior to be a rock album. Luke insisted that she stick with the dance and electro-pop from her debut album Animal.

    She claimed in a second lawsuit that her producer of 10 years abused her emotionally, physically and verbally and allegedly date raped her.

    As a result of the legal battle, Kesha hasn’t produced new music since the release of Warrior in 2012. She signed with Dr. Luke when she was 18.

    But she has won a lot of support among celebrities, including Zedd, who has offered to produce her music.

    Now Macklemore is stepping up with the third single off his forthcoming solo album Gemini. It hits the streets Sept. 22.

    Kesha and Macklemore will appear on “The Ellen Show” Monday (Sept 25). They’re expected to perform the song.

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