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  • Linda Bruckheimer, pictured with her Hollywood mogul husband Jerry Bruckheimer, will exhibit her photography this month in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Getty)

    Linda Bruckheimer is married to movie mogul Jerry Bruckheimer. Normally, that would be the end of the story for a Hollywood wife. But Linda is not your typical Hollywood wife. She’s built a reputation on her own for photography that defines the American experience.

    She has been traversing almost non-stop across America, seeking out the road less traveled, and capturing what she calls “the little things that make us who we are.”

    She delights in the moments, the images, and the people most of us wouldn’t even bother looking at twice.

    Her photographs have an almost “Tarantino-esque” reality about them, as if, any minute, Sam Jackson or Bruce Willis might come flopping through the door, brandishing a Colt 45 and demanding to use the phone.

    The woman behind the man who brought us such mega-hits as “Top Gun,” “Flashdance,” “Beverly Hills Cop” and “Pirates of the Caribbean,” has a polar opposite take on life compared with her husband’s glitz, glam, and gloss.

    She doesn’t even have a twitter account, nor does she own a smartphone. How un-Hollywood is that?

    The Blue Swallow Motel, just off the legendary Route 66. Good luck asking for wifi. (Photo by Linda Bruckheimer)
    The Blue Swallow Motel, just off the legendary Route 66. Good luck asking for wifi. (Photo by Linda Bruckheimer)

    Bruckheimer says she owes her salt-of-the-earth lifestyle to her mother. When she was just a child, she packed Linda and her four siblings into a 1953 Packard and hit the road to avoid creditors.

    The places she visits these days not only remind her of her nomadic youth, but serve as reminders that places still exist out there untouched by modernization and social media.

    These images will be on display at the Daughter’s of the American Revolution Hall in Washington, D.C., Tuesday, Sept 20th. Proceeds from the exhibit will go toward the preservation of the DAR Constitution Hall stage.

    Bruckheimer is also an accomplished author; her books include “Dreaming Southern” and “The Southern Belles of Honeysuckle Way.” She’s also the proprietor of an antique store in her native Kentucky, so she knows a thing or two about the South.