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  • Tera Lane has an eye for the stars and not the Hollywood kind. For the past 25 years, she’s worked as a professional “Sidereal Astrologer.” Now she’s channeled that experience into a new illustrated book, “Enchantment in the Sky” (Xlibris Books), a primer on astrological signs and their meanings.

    Beside writing astrological columns for several publications, she’s also a certified soul coach.

    Her most popular workshops and ritual ceremonies involve prosperity, manifestations, Goddess studies, Fen Shui and solstice celebrations.

    She also possesses extensive knowledge of herbs and their magical qualities. She’s even worked as a television weather personality!

    “Each of us shares in a vital and timeless partnership with our planet and the ancient rhythms of the seasons; which are not only universal, but instinctive,” says Lane, who is based in Rancho Mirage, Calif.

    Lane is also a graduate of the Western School of Feng Shui in San Diego and is certified in Essential Feng Shui.

    She is also certified from the American School of Feng Shui, and trained by Feng Shui Master Larry Sang.

    And, she is a Certified Feng Shui Soul Coach, trained personally by Denise Linn, internationally known healer and Feng Shui authority.

    Appropriately, TheImproper called her at dusk and asked right off, how it was out there. “As always … magical,” she replied. Here’s her take on the state of the universe.

    IM: Your book is, as you say, for the kid in all of us; what was the intent behind the publication?

    Lane: To introduce, in a positive, mystical way the positive characteristics, inherent in the planets to children and their parents. The reaction has been overwhelming, adults and kids alike.

    IM: You’ve already done several book signings, what’s the makeup of your fan base? I would imagine it’s a wide demographic.

    Lane: Yes, wide demographics, however, most adults give it to a child, because they recall the enjoyment they received when they first discovered the stars. Teenagers LOVE it!

    IM: The illustrations are a big part of the book; tell us who did them and a bit about them.

    Lane: The illustrations were my biggest challenge. I had searched in tattoo shops and posted fliers in the art department at colleges, to no avail. The publisher (Xilbris) offered to assist me with the illustrations, and after many attempts I was able to convey what was in my mind to the artists. This is not and was not an easy task.

    IM: You’ve been a sidereal astrologer for 25 years; give us an insight into exactly what that is.

    Lane: Sidereal astrology makes a mathematical correction when erecting a chart, which tropical (Western) astrologers do not. The simplest answer would be: I watch the planets do their dance on a daily basis.

    IM: You also very involved in the Palm Desert scene, give us a quick insight into the lifestyle.

    Lane: The desert in Southern California is very seasonal, as many people seek refuge from colder parts of the country in the winter. The summers are brutal and the heat is very oppressive. Not a place most want to be during that intense heat, but terrifically spiritual and visual.

    IM: Tell us a bit about being a soul coach.

    Lane: Soul coaching is a wonderful, healing course in getting in touch with the elements on a personal level. Air for mental. Fire for spiritual, Water for emotional and Earth for physical. It is a Magickal (sic) journey and one worth taking.

    IM: What about their journey during the sessions.

    Lane: All students receive blessings on all levels when they embark on an inward journey, as that is where our true authentic selves reside, yes? The new students are on a search; I don’t provide any answers, but get them properly situated on their journey.

    IM: You’ve been a TV broadcaster; did you enjoy that end of the business?

    Lane: I enjoyed television and radio very much; I experienced much success in that arena. Television was my favorite as I had the most fun. I was in management in radio and that had lots of responsibiity and being the boss is way overrated!

    IM: You’re clearly very developed along the aesthetic side of things; what’s your No. 1 rule for living, and life in general?

    Lane: Rules??? They are different for everyone. However, I do like that the Goddess gave all of us two ears and one mouth by design….do less talking and more listening. People will tell you everything you never wanted to know if you just listen! LOL

    IM: What’s your advice for every individual on this planet?

    Lane: If one learns to take responsibility for their own part in their own dramas AND manage their expectations happiness will prevail! Yes??? Be kind to others and to our Mother Earth!