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  • Peter Gabriel’s Secret World Live … from 1993 has been fully re-stored and remastered by Eagle Rock Entertainment, which has just released the famed tour footage on DVD and Blu-ray. It’s a fascinating viewing and listening experience.

    Ordinarily, when a release like this comes out, some 19 years after the fact, I’m a bit skeptical. But his superlative DVD release of his “Growing Up Live” tour several years back is a disc that I literally watch over and over again.

    Gabriel, from his days with Genesis, has always delighted and never fails to push the envelope. “Secret World Live” starts with his terrific band rising up from the shadows, and Gabriel himself is ensconced in a British-phone booth, singing his hit song “Talk To Me.”

    One thing about Gabriel, he’s always championed world music and his guests are always ingeniously chosen. This particular band featured not only his regulars, bassist Tony Levin and guitarist David Rhodes, but also Paula Cole on vocals (what ever happened to her?), Shankar on violin and guests Papa Wemba and Molokai.

    A slew of great bonus features are included on the release, including the track “Red Rain” which was not included in the original film. There’s also a featurette on the making of the “Secret World Live” film, including interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.

    Also, there’s a newly restored photo montage slideshow with the remixed version of “Steam” and the orchestral version of his “The Rhythm Of The Heat” from his “New Blood: Live In London” show.

    I remember being with Gabriel years back in London at one of the Prince’s Trust shows; he’s always three or four steps ahead and it was quite the battle to keep up with him. The man is literally burning with ideas. One of a kind for sure.

    Adrian Niles Rides the Purple Sage

    Peter Abraham and Adrian Niles at BB King’s. (Photo courtesy of DIS)

    Shadyside, Ohio’s Adrian Niles opened last week for The New Riders of the Purple Sage at B.B. King’s. Not only his first gig in New York city, but his first time in the Big Apple ever!

    In his 40-minute solo set, he was a complete standout. The crowd favorites were his “Skylark,” and “All That I Want.” The Riders crowd was immediately won over.

    The club’s Peter Abraham, who booked the show, was on hand and invited Niles back on the spot.

    Footnote: I was never a huge NRPS fan, but they were terrific, with steel-guitarist Buddy Cage (who played on Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks) awe inspiring. I loved them!

    Names in the News

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