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  • Miley Cyrus wore her hair swept up like the grill of a ’56 Buick at the MTV Video Music Awards and collided head-on with Pink’s doo-wop updo. But no harm done. Now she’s fronting the look on her new Web Site that takes her out of the South and into the South Bronx.

    Her urban, young-tuff-girl look isn’t just for the streets. Miley also showed she could go glam with it at the VMAs in an Emilio Pucci gown, black of course, with a plunging neckline that bared her ample cleavage.

    Miley Cyrus Sexy Hot Punk Look

    But like anything Miley does, she always get pushback, whether it’s disillusioned Hannah Montana fans (they should know better by now) or some b-grade gossip site into snark for the hell of it. Miley was tuning them all out.

    “I think I’ve finally found out who I am, and it changes every freaking day, as you can tell,” she wrote on her new Web site.

    “Every time I write a song, I feel like I can finally be me, because I’m not stuck into a label, all of these people telling me who to be,” she added.

    Pink didn’t have a problem with it, and Miley chided her critics. “Woah 2 girls have blonde short hair! The whole world should go in to panic mode. Redickkkk” she wrote.

    “My dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, used to tell me ‘Opinions are are like a**holes – everybody has one.’ LOVE my hair. Feel so happy, pretty, and free,” she added.

    Lady Gaga, the chameleon of fashion, also gave her a shout out. “@mileycyrus u out-dressed+styled everyone last night. If anyone gives you s**t about that haircut pay no mind. u look like Brigitte Nielson,” she wrote. Okay, not totally sure about the shout. The Brigitte Nielson reference could be damning her with faint praise.

    Miley probably would have preferred Billy Idol.

    In any event, it’s been a while since Miley chased fireflies on a summer night in Nashville, so she has a right to step outside the stereotypes everyone seems to keep trying to hang around her neck. After all, it’s just a haircut. It will always grow out.