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  • Bruno MarsOf all the artists who surfaced last year on “Best of” lists, only one, Bruno Mars has made good on his promise. His second album, Unorthodox Jukebox is now out and it’s a singular marvel.

    Let’s face it, almost no one is writing their own music these days, so when someone of Mars’ talent turns up, you’ve got to pay special attention.

    One thing I did glean from the completed album is that master producer Mark Ronson co-produced the track “Heaven,” as well as “Gorilla” and “When I Was Your Man.” His talents work very well with Mars and his group of producers, billed The Smeezingtons.

    Mars aka, Peter Gene Hernándezis, is simply a whirling dervish of creativity; he wrote, sang, produced or co-produced everything on his first album, doo-wops & hooligans, an amalgam of everything right and wrong with music today.

    I well remember when he first appeared on NBC’s “Today Show” and literally blew away everyone with his prowess. That spot, rivaled only by Ricky Martin’s debut, cemented his status as one to watch. His hosting spot on “Saturday Night Live” a few months back was amazing, too.

    He previewed the soon to be smash “Locked Out Of Heaven” and another new track, the slow-burn “Young Girls.” He incorporates old-school style with today’s sound.

    He spun off “Just The Way You Are,” “The Lazy Song,” “Marry You” and one stellar track featuring Cee Lo Green called “The Other Side,” which for me was one of the best tracks of the year.

    I’ve got my best of list this year (see related story) and Juekbox is definitely there. If you like good music and can readily appreciate a true artist … pick this one up immediately. Utterly brilliant!