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  • Actress Cheryl Hines married Robert F. Kennedy Jr. after his divorce.

    Actress Cheryl Hines married Robert F. Kennedy Jr. after his divorce from Mary Kennedy. (Photo: David Torcivia)

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who battered his wife in a vicious divorce until she hung herself in desperation, is reportedly moving ahead with plans to marry actress Cheryl Hines, possibly as early as this coming Spring, according to a new report.

    Mary Richardson Kennedy, his wife of 14-years and mother of four of his children, hung herself on May 16 in a barn on the family’s New York estate.

    She was in desperate financial straits and in danger of losing her cherished home.

    The Kennedy’s separated in 2010 and had been involved in a brutal divorce.

    Near the end of her life, Bobby Jr.  peppered her with restraining orders and cut financial support to the bone. She reportedly owed her lawyers more than $250,000 and was facing foreclosure on her house.

    Mary was particularly distressed by photos of Kennedy with Hines and her children and people she’d been close to for years, like Glenn Close.

    She felt the actress was taking over her life.

    She had been close to the Kennedy family since she was 15, and they also cut her off following the separation. Her family has been locked in a bitter feud with the clan.

    “Now he’s running around telling everyone he and Cheryl are getting hitched in the spring. It will be on the East Coast, probably at the Kennedy com­pound in Hyannis Port. The family’s appalled,” a source told The National Enquirer.

    Now even his own family members are reportedly upset by the move.

    “This time Bobby has reallly outdone himself in the bad taste department,” a “family source” told the tabloid.

    Kennedy, 58, has been dating Hines, 46, since late 2010.

    They were spotted together at the family’s oceanfront compound on Aug. 5, when Bobby Jr. apparently broke the news about his marriage plans.

    Son Conor Kennedy, 18, is dating country singer Taylor Swift, 22.