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  • Kim Kardashian just can’t let it go. In this week’s “Kourtney and Kim Take New York,” otherwise known as “Why I Divorced Kris Humphries,” the hapless buffoon causes another embarrassing scene. Good thing, Kim is so sensitive and enlightened.

    Kim is shocked–shocked!– when Kris asks Kardashian hanger-on Jonathan Cheban about his sexual orientation. The three are shopping at a candle store when Kris pops the question, after watching Cheban get a little to enthusiastic about the scents.

    Of course, that’s all Cheban needs to throw a hissy fit, kicking off the night’s “drama.”

    The question is, or should have been, if Cheban is gay why is he embarrassed about admitting it? And, if he’s not gay why should he take offense? It’s not like there is anything wrong with it.

    Of course, the story line doesn’t go there. Instead if focuses on Humphries seemingly obsession with Cheban’s sexuality. He even quizzes the effeminate Cheban’s business partner Simon Huck and he doesn’t know.

    Why Humphries would even care is a mystery. Oh… right, it was probably scripted “reality” not, you know, real reality. It’s hard to tell the two apart on this show.

    In any event, leave it to Kim to handle the matter in a sensitive, caring way. She decides to strip if front of Cheban to see if he ogles her, a sure sign that he is heterosexual, right?

    After all, if any man is indifferent to Kim’s flouncy funbags, he must be gay, right? Isn’t Kim clever?

    But when Cheban is seemingly unmoved by Kim’s monster boobs–he averts his eyes–even Kim is puzzled. Could it be he’s just polite? she wonders. The mystery continues.

    Jonathan finally takes matters into his own hands and invites Kim and Mr. Insensitive to his house. Surprise, in walks his beard, that is date, a model type who towers over him. See, he’s not gay!

    Bu Kris isn’t convinced. So, he asks the girl if she thinks Jonathan is gay. Of course, she doesn’t have a clue. She just answered an ad for a reality show extra.

    Well, Kim just can’t believe Kris could be so rude. Forget her humiliating little strip test, she calls Kris “the most annoying person in the world.”

    Kris gets a moment of redemption when he calls Johnathan and apologizes for ever doubting his sexuality. Instead, someone should have apologized for basing the show on demeaning sexual stereotypes.