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  • Alicia Keys, a sister in soul with Whitney Houston reached out the singer’s mother Cissy and daughter Bobbi Kristina during her eulogy at the fallen star’s funeral today (Feb. 18).

    Keys, who performed a powerful “Send Me an Angel,” singing and playing the piano solo, gave a brief tearful address afterward.

    “We called each other Meema,’ Alicia, 31, recalled. “She was such a beautiful, caring human being. She would call you for no reason at all but just to say hi. And that’s rare I think, sometimes.

    “I feel like in so many ways she reached back to me and to Michael and Brandy and Jordin and all these young artists and made us feel strong and capable and loved,” she added. “I think she is an angel to us. She has been an angel to us.”

    During her song, Keys was obviously filled with emotion. She stumbled in a few places, fighting back her tears. But her emotions were heart-felt and her voice also soared. Afterward, she hugged Cissy and Bobbi, who were sat front row at the New Hope Baptist Church.

    “She would call me ‘Keys on the keys,’” Alicia told guests in the church.

    “So, she’s an angel to us. And she’s been an angel to us. And just a beautiful human being. I think we’ve been sent an angel a long time.”

    Watch her performance below: