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  • It’s hard to know what to make of Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of late Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain and Hole frontwoman Courtney Love. Sure, she’s got the hipster rock royalty thing going, so telling captured by photographer Hedi Slimane. But now what?

    Mom Courtney let it be known the gorgeous black-and-white photo shoot wasn’t exactly her daughter’s cup of tea.

    “She hated [the way it was handled]. Hedi wasn’t supposed to leak it,” Love told The New York Post.

    “He put it on his blog, but she didn’t want it public. She just did it [the photos] for herself.”

    Yeah, right. It’s probably hipster cool to diss your own photo shoot, but there’s no denying that Frances has a sexy pout and deeply alluring eyes.

    Check out Frances’ photos; click to enlarge!

    Slimane responded on Twitter to Love’s remarks in a post this afternoon (Sept. 24), noting that the session was a personal commission, accepted “under the condition portraits were to be posted on his diary, as always.”

    Publication on the diary follows the terms of a written agreement/contract between and was handled accordingly, he added.

    “The new york post allegations about the conditions of publication on hedislimane.com are therefore totally and surprisingly incorrect.”

    The 19-year-old’s coming out photo shoot was also suspiciously timed to coincide with the 20th-anniversary celebration of Nirvana’s landmark Nevermind album.

    When your godfather is former R.E.M. singer Michael Stipe, godmother is actress Drew Barrymore, it may be pretty hard to be grounded.

    In fact, Frances was infamous before she was born, after rumors circulated that Courtney was using heroin during her pregnancy.

    Later in a Vanity Fair article, Love was alleged to have admitted using heroin.

    Courtney did her best to keep the paparazzi at bay and Frances out of the tabloids while she was growing up.

    At least, she made it through adolescence without any Mily Cyrus moments.

    But now that she’s an adult, she’s in danger of becoming a tabloid queen, or worse, Peaches Geldof.

    Here only substantive interview came in 2005 as a 13-year-old in Teen Vogue, according to MTV,.

    Her resume includes a stint as an intern at Rolling Stone magazine in 2008, and she’s dabbled in art.

    She exhibited a collection of mostly cartoon drawings called “Scumf-ck” at the La Luz de Jesus gallery in Los Angeles last year.

    She avoided being a celebrity magnet by showing under the pseudonym “Fiddle Tim.”

    So, her Slimane photos appear to be her coming out party.

    Where she goes from here is anyone’s guess, but judging from the photos she should have no shortage of options. Check them out.