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  • Jessie Baylin, Music VideoScarlett Johansson may be doing a little resume building for a new job in Hollywood. She gets some seat time in the director’s chair for singer/songwriter Jessie Baylin’s new video for “Hurry, Hurry.”

    The video, shot in New York City, is Johansson’s directorial debut. The two women are reportedly old pals who attended New York’s Professional Children’s School together. “One of the greatest gifts of growing up with Jessie has been watching her develop as a musician,” director Scarlett Johansson told MTV.

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    Johansson chose a wet gray morning for the shoot. Baylin is clad in hipster black and circles back and forth on the pedestrian walkway of the Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn. There’s really not much more to it, except some digitally added halos that appear around Baylin at various points.

    “Baylin has written a swoony track that marries hazy, orchestral melodies with Baylin’s smoke-and-honey voice front-and-center. A whimsical harp that introduces and closes the track adds levity, keeping the song from getting bogged down in its subject’s sentimental reality,” according to MTV.

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    “Hurry Hurry” was shot in one take. Maybe they had to wrap before hundreds of commuters began pouring across the bridge. Or Johansson knew exactly what she wanted, and Baylin delivered.

    Johansson had this to say in a release: “One of the greatest gifts of growing up with Jessie has been watching her develop as a musician. This song has a dreamy Brian Wilson sort of feel; I wanted to build on that and allow the video to carry on dreamily and use the changing tone and Jessie’s expression to match the vibe of the melody.”

    The song is off Little Spark, Baylin’s third full-length album. Check it out below and imagine Scarlett just out of camera range, watching intently.