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  • Jimmy Fallon left the comfort and security of his desk in Rockefeller Center to host the Tonight Show from the New York City subway. Looks like he brought along his own riders, too.

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    Jimmy should be commended for taking his show to the people to host an extravaganza featuring K-pop band BTS in a Grand Central Station concert. But really, the subway?

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    The crowd of fresh-faced young people, although a rainbow of nationalities, looks like nothing we’ve ever seen on the subway. Where were the bag ladies and farting homeless people?

    It was like a scene out of “Logan’s Run.” No one seemed to be much over 30.

    And, jeeze, the train was so clean. No one was eating and no newspapers were scattered about.

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    What makes the scene especially ironic is the fact that Fallon appears to get on the 7 train, which goes to Queens. Nobody in that train looks like they live in Queens.

    Okay, so the crowd and the subway car were sanitized.

    Still, you’ve got to hand it to Jimmy for doing something no other talk show host has done. It’s safe to say Johnny Carson and Jay Leno wouldn’t be caught dead in the subway.

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    “Tonight is a very special edition of ‘The Tonight Show,'” he said in his introduction “Normally, we’re in studio 6B just inside these doors. Tonight, we’re going to change things up. We’re going to do something we’ve always wanted to do. We’re taking the ‘Tonight Show’ underground to the New York City Subway.”

    Jimmy is no stranger to mass transit. He’s used the subway as a backdrop for other bits. He and Miley Cyrus once disguised themselves as subway buskers. They had the crowd fooled for about a New York minute.

    The late show host had lots of material to work with. He poked fun at the transit system, the movie “Cats,” New York real estate and the city’s hapless sports teams.

    And shutting down Grand Central for a K-pop concert? He’ll rot in commuter hell for that one.

    Check out the monologue below.