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  • Rapper B.o.B. goes head-trip to head-trip with Nicki Minaj in the insane new video for B.o.B’s “Out of My Mind.” It’s hard to tell who’s crazier, B.o.B, who plays a mental patient, or Nicki who plays a doctor. That’s right, say it… Dr. Minaj.

    Nicki is known for her frenetic raps, and B.o.B, real name real Bobby Ray Simmons Jr., matches her rhyme for rhyme in rapid fire sequences that take place in an off-the-wall mental institution.

    The keepers are definitely as crazy as the inmates; Nicki doubles as a shrink and a mental patient in her hot pink Barbie wig. B.o.B is part self-proclaimed messiah in a monk’s robe and part bi-polar with a dash of Hannibal Lecter tossed in for good measure.

    “Out of My Mind” is off B.o.B’s second studio album Strange Clouds, released in May. Benny Boom directed the production filmed in Detroit in July.

    Nicki has no problems putting B.o.B in his place. “Couple hit songs, got you thinking you a hearthrob?” she raps as she disrobes and gives her patient, chained to a chair, a lap dance. Nicki must have ad-libbed the line. It caught her partner by surprise.

    “I feel like Nicki definitely recognizes my musical talent or else she wouldn’t have referred to me as a heartthrob,” the rapper joked in an MTV interview. “She definitely went ham. When I heard it, I was grinning from ear to ear. I was glad she brought it.”