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  • Taylor Swift is at the top of her game, but even she confesses shes a little shell shocked by the fame and celebrity. (Photo: NME)

    Taylor Swift is at the top of her game, but even she confesses shes a little shell shocked by the fame and celebrity. (Photo: NME)

    Taylor Swift is about so much more than music. She’s a million-megawatt celebrity trapped in the never-ending, pop-culture news cycle and she thinks she–and her fans–may have had enough of fame and celebrity for the moment.

    In a new interview, she worries about being over-exposed and becoming disillusioned by the constant scrutiny.

    “I think people might need a break from me. I’m going to… I don’t know. Hang out with my friends. Write new music. Maybe not write new music. I don’t know.” she tells music magazine NME.

    Part of the problem is the constant glare of the spotlight and part is fear that after such a stellar year and blockbuster album 1989, she’s got nowhere to go but down in flames.

    Taylor Swift Footloose, Carefree in NME
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    “I’m in the news every single day for multiple different reasons. And it can feel, at times, if you let your anxiety get the better of you, like everybody’s waiting for you to really mess up — and then you’ll be done,” she says.

    “A lot of the time I need to call my mom and talk for a really long time, just to remind myself of all the things that are great and all the things that matter.”

    Beside her unprecedented career success, the year hasn’t been all smooth going. She drew heat for her “Bad Blood” video, which many interpreted as a broadside against singer Katy Perry.

    Perry reportedly felt picked on and bullied by Swift and her posse of model pals after the “Bad Blood” video aired at the Billboard Music Awards.

    She also engaged in a short but nasty Twitter feud with rapper Nicki Minaj over winning the Video of the Year Award at the MTV VMAs in August.

    Minaj appeared to single out Swift in a broadside because Minaj’s video for “Anaconda” wasn’t even nominated.

    Swift fired back over Twitter although she later apologized after Minaj said her complaint wasn’t with her. Swift now says lesson learned.

    “I send text messages now. If there seems to be some kind of misunderstanding, I go to someone’s management, I get their number and I text them. It’s an important lesson for anyone to learn in 2015,” she says.

    Even good fortune has left Swift in a quandary. After the success of 1989, she muses, “How could the next one be as big?”

    “Maybe the next album will be a bridge to somewhere else. Or maybe I’ll just go ahead and change everything,” she says.

    Wherever her career takes her, she’ll look good going. Check out her photos, let us know your thoughts and following IM on Twitter to keep up with the latest Taylor Swift news.

    For more from the interview check out NME online.