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  • Rapper Meek Mill

    Rapper Meek Mill could be facing jail time for allegedly violation his probation. (Photo: Meek Mill/Instagram)

    Meek Mill may have overstepped his probation on drugs and weapons charges one too many times and could be facing a prolonged stint in the slammer. Maybe he’s hoping he’ll get a little Justin Bieber justice, again, but shouldn’t count on it.

    Bieber has repeatedly dodged jail sentences, despite a string of arrests and convictions, although he’s small-time compared to Meek.

    The 30-year-old rapper was convicted of drug and weapons case in 2008 and has violated the terms of his parole four times since then.

    He’s set to appear in front of a judge next week and could face up to 20 months in prison, according to gossip site TMZ.

    Mill dodged a bullet last month when a judge tossed two misdemeanor charges stemming from a fight last March with a fan at St. Louis International Airport.

    He was charged with reckless driving in New York in August. The charges were dropped after he completed community service that was part of a plea deal.

    his run-ins with the law, however, were enough to trigger a violation of parole in the drug and weapons case.

    In all, he’s broken his probation four times and was warned the last time that prison would be next. He was originally sentenced to 11 to 23 months in jail.

    He served less than a year in prison and was released on five years probation.

    During his previous violations he was sentenced to six months in jail. In another instance he received 90 days of house arrest. He was also ordered to perform more community service.

    The run-ins resulted in a six-year extension of his probation. It remains to be seen if he’s finally run out of get-out-of-jail cards.