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  • Margaret Cho combines comedy with music to address some somber topics: rejection, interventions and even murder on her new album.

    Cho Dependent, which the comedian describes as “jokes written in song form but with incredible artists,” came together with the help of musicians record including Ben Lee and Fiona Apple.

    Folk rocker Andrew Bird helped with a song about a former love interest turned murderer, an “honest-to-God murder ballad” that Cho said is based on her life.

    For 17 years, she said, she carried a torch for a man. She lost touch with him and eventually looked him up online and was shocked to find he’d been convicted of murdering his wife.

    “He bludgeoned her to death and left her in the attic of their house until her body had partially mummified,” she said.

    “So, it’s a good thing we didn’t hook up,” the comedian added.

    Writing a song about such horrific events was cathartic, Cho said.

    “The worst things, the most tragic stuff in life can actually, strangely be hilarious,” she said.

    Cho has released seven comedy albums but “Cho Dependent” is the first where she sings.

    The album also features an intervention put to music with Canadian rock band Tegan and Sara.

    Its lyrics include, “Welcome to your intervention. We need some of your attention. You’ve got a problem we must mention.”

    “Cho Dependent” was released last week. You can buy the album through TheImproper at Amazon.com and save $1 off the 12.99 list price. Click the button above.

    Next, the comedian will appear on the 11th season of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” set to premiere Sept. 20.

    Alicia Rancilio is a writer for the Associated Press