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  • Adele takes the stage with a topless dancer at a London Gay club last night (Feb. 10). (Photo: YouTube/ScreenCap)

    Adele takes the stage with a topless dancer at a London Gay club last night (Feb. 10). (Photo: YouTube/ScreenCap)

    Adele, the usually reserved UK singer with a golden voice, allegedly got sloshed at a London gay club and put on a brassy performance that included pole dancing and stripping to her bra.

    The singer suddenly appeared at the club’s back door just after midnight with an entourage of friends and camped out in the VIP section above the stage, according to published reports.

    The club was hosting the G-A-Y’s Porn Idol event at Heaven in London, and the 33-year-old singer’s arrival was unexpected.

    Porn Idol, began as a parody of the UK reality singing show “Pop Idol,” but contestants strip instead of singing.

    Adele reportedly lamented that the crowd somehow found out she was there.

    Maybe it was the $4,000 Fendi pantsuit she was wearing or when she and her troupe joined in a rendention of “It’s Raining Men,” a 1983 song by the Weather Girls from their third studio album Success.

    Adele said with much fanfare that she had given up drinking last October, so it’s worth withholding judgment whether she was “overindulging” as the London Daily Mail reported.

    But she was definitely bawdy, stripping down to her bra and making an attempt at pole-dancing on stage in front of topless dancers.

    Oh… she also fell over.

    “I’ve been wetting myself!” she yelled to the crowd.

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    Adele stepped on stage with ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race UK’ star Cheryl Hole to give the audience something else to cheer.

    The singer – who won a trio of BRIT Awards earlier this week – wrapped her leg around the stripper pole on the stage and spun around in her all-white Fendi suit sending the audience wild.

    “Adele was absolutely loving the event. She was having a great time with friends and loved watching the show,” an onlooker told the Daily Star Online

    “After the contest was over she stormed the stage and the crowd went wild. No one was expecting a music icon to be there.”

    A video shared by a fan also shows Adele asking to have “the final say so” in the stripping contest.

    Cheryl tells her “you can have the final say, you’re fucking adele and I’m little old Cheryl!”

    Adele then picked a topless woman as the winner.

    She also referred her BRITs controversy by saying: “I’m going to go with my girl! I know I’ve had a lot of s**t the last couple of days.”

    In her acceptance speech at the BRIT Awards for the Artist of the Year, Adele enthused about being “a female artist” despite the switch to gender neutral categories at the ceremony in 2022.

    “I understand why the name of this award has changed but I really love being a woman and a female artist. I’m really proud of us,” she told the crowd.

    Adele told US Vogue last year that she suffered from “hangxiety,” a word she used to explain how she felt after after drinking more than usual during the pandemic lockdown.

    “I’m always a bit hungover on Monday morning. It got earlier and earlier, the drinking,” she said.

    “I was falling out the back door of the bar rather than falling out of the front. Then I remember I woke up with the worst hangover.”

    Apparently she’s a blackout drinker, someone who can’t remember what the did the night before on the morning after.

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    “Hangxiety, I call it. ‘Who did I talk to? What did I do? It was a month of me going crazy.”

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