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  • Christina Aguilera stole the show–make that funeral–for jazz icon Etta James, with a powerful rendition of James’ trademark song “At Last.” Aguilera couldn’t contain herself in more ways than one.

    The 31-year-old singer let loose with the full power and range of her vocal ability in a rendition of the song that probably would have made James smile. She performed at the City of Refuge Church in Gardena, just outside of Los Angeles.

    Christina has had her ups and downs since she divorced husband of five years Jordan Bratman. She tried to jump start her career by reclaiming the pop queen crown that had been usurped by Lady Gaga after she took time off to have son, Max, who is now three.

    But her album, Bionic, failed to find a significant audience. Her 2010 film “Burlesque,” with Cher, intended to launch her movie career, also flopped miserably.

    Then there was the little matter of flubbing the words to the national anthem during the Super Bowl, the most-watch sporting event in the world. And, she got arrested for public intoxication with boyfriend Matt Rutler.

    But she found her footing as a judge on “The Voice.” The second season is set to premiere Feb. 5. She also revealed that she is recording a new studio album, set for release this year. And there is just no denying her vocal range, which is unmatched in the business.

    Her all black outfit drew some some snark because it revealed some cleavage, but she’s a singer not a preacher’s wife. Her performance at James’ funeral drew a standing ovation from an audience filled with normally jaded musicians.

    “One of the greatest moments of my life…Singing with my idol, the legendary Etta James. You will be forever missed,’ Aguilera Tweeted after James died on Jan. 20 from Leukemia.

    Check out Aguilera’s performance below: