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    Beyonce, Jay-Z Stopped Short of No. 1 First Week Out by 5 Seconds of Summer

    Beyonce and husband Jay-Z, the reigning king and queen of rap and soul, may gathering a little tarnish on their crown. Their new album Everything Is Love, fell short of No. 1 on the charts its first week out. The top spot went to 5 Seconds of Summer. The album, released last Saturday, sold about 70,000 copies, according to media reports. 5 Seconds of Summer’s new album YoungBlood grabbed the No. 1 spot with 90,000 sales after streeting two days earlier....
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    Explosive Charges: Whitney Houston Abused as Child by Famous Singer’s Sister

    Whitney Houston, the iconic singer who died tragically in 2012 on the eve of the Grammy Awards, was abused as an eight-year-old child by the sister of a famous singer. The charges are contained in a new documentary about her life titled “Whitney.” The R&B star’s assistant, Mary Jones, and Whitney’s half-brother, Gary Garland-Houston, make the disturbing claims in the film....
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    Courtney Love in the Hole to Uncle Sam To Tune of $500,000 in Back Taxes

    Courtney Love is in the hole. She reportedly owes Uncle Sam more than $500,000 in back taxes after paying off another unpaid tax bill from 2009. But don’t weep for her. She’s worth more than $150 million, despite a decade of reckless spending. Her fortune is based her ownership stake in late husband Kurt Cobain’s music publishing rights for his band Nirvana. She inherited it when Cobain committed suicide in 1994....
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    Ja Rule Partner Pleads Guilty to Bahamas Festival Fraud: Rapper Off the Hook

    Ja Rule was left with egg on his face after his high-end Bahamas festival went bust last year. But the rapper’s partner Billy McFarland appears to be taking the fall. He’s pleaded guilty to two fraud charges. Ja, real name Jeffrey Bruce Atkins, was neither arrested nor charged, but because of his notoriety he bore the brunt of the public relations fallout....
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    Jimmy Kimmel Mean Tweets: Who Looks Like Ball Sack With a Face? (See!)

    Jimmy Kimmel harvested some mean Tweets for the latest segment on his show and came up with some pointed doozies, all targeting popular musicians. Guess who could ruin a Denny’s meal, who looks like a ball sack, who looks like a ferret and who’s the Pottery Barn of Rap. Viewers had their pick to mix and match from Nick Jonas, Adam Levine, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Pink, Usher, Alice Cooper and other artists....
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    Kid’s Choice Music Nominees Are No Kids; See Who’s Pushing 40!

    The 2018 Nickelodeon Kids Choice music awards is shaping up to be a battle between the oldsters and the youngsters–relatively speaking. Beyonce, who is 36, is nominated for Favorite Female Artist along with singer Pink, the grand dame at 38. They’re going up against the younger kids, Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. The brat pack ranges in age from 25 (Gomez) to 33 (Perry). Lovato is also 25 and Swift is 28, a full 10 years younger than Pink....
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    Rihanna Turns Dirty 30, Calls it a New Era for Her at Blowout Birthday Party (see!)

    Rihanna is officially 30, but don’t dare call her old. Instead she said turning “dirty 30” is marking a new era for her in her life. Already accomplished in her career, what could she possibly mean? Baby, maybe? Or, at least, a new abum...? The party was held in New York City in true Rihanna fashion, with lots of glam and celebrity guests, including one-time rumored dreamboat Leonardo DiCaprio....